Best Apps to Learn a New Language for College Students

Best Apps to Learn a New Language for College Students

Whether you’re studying for Spanish as a requirement of your degree or need to study with the intention of having a language as your major or minor, you’ll benefit from language apps. These apps help with memory, speech, listening and other issues you run into in language classes, so that you can learn faster and become fluent more quickly.

The nice thing about language apps is that you can use more than one. There are multiple ways to learn, and each of these has its own approach to learning a language that you’ll use in the years to come.


Babbling is how children learn to speak, and that’s the concept behind this app. Babbel is a comprehensive language-learning application. There are approximately 12 languages that you can choose from. There are live online classes, podcasts, and quick lessons, so you can always find the time to learn.

What makes Babbel different than its competitors? It focuses on 10-minute study sessions, app-based lessons designed by a team of language experts, games, and other learning techniques to help anyone learn no matter their learning style. Just like little kids, you’ll learn through play and exposure.


Mondly is a language-learning app set up a little differently than others. It starts with phrases instead of words, so you can quickly develop practical conversational tools. The app has both native speakers and AI chatbots, so you can get the practice you need each session. The AI chatbots use speech recognition, so if your pronunciation isn’t good, they’re sure to be confused. Mondly has over 33 languages in its catalog, and you don’t have to be a native speaker to use it.

It’s just $10 monthly or $48 for the entire year, though you can opt to buy it when there are sales.


Memrise is another language-learning app that allows you to learn languages authentically. It is built of common, everyday phrases. You can hear and watch video clips of locals, too so that you are able to listen at speed and have better listening comprehension from the start. There are over 23 languages on this program, and there are 60 million users.

With ramified tests, it’s fun to learn a new language with Memrise.


Duolingo claims that it is the best way to learn a new language. It’s free, which makes it easier to get started with a language without dropping money on a subscription service.

Duolingo uses bite-sized lessons, so if you’re taking a language course in school, you’ll be pleased to find that you can study by the topic, such as written characters, food, transportation, or others. Game-like features help keep you motivated to continue learning and reviewing.

Each time you go through Duolingo’s program, you’ll learn more and be asked to review what you’ve forgotten. This is a great way to study by topic or to review all you’ve learned so far. You’ll be impressed to see how fast you start to remember new words, characters, and speech patterns.


Languages aren’t all about reading and writing. When you want to learn a language, one of the best things you can do is work with common vocabulary and target language while listening to native speakers. With Speakly, the app focuses on statistically relevant words, so that you’re more likely to understand common, everyday communication.

On the app, you interact with a pre-recorded native speaker who will coach you through your education. Listening to the way native speakers talk will help you pronounce words better, improve your comprehension, and learn the language faster. English speakers can choose from eight languages, and it’s around $13 monthly.

Each of these apps is designed to help you learn the language differently. Some might be better for teaching vocabulary, some might be better for grammar, and some might be great for speaking practice.

Good luck!

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