6 Reasons to Study in Murray, KY

6 Reasons to Study in Murray, KY

If you are looking for a place to call home while you pursue postsecondary education, the city of Murray truly has a lot to offer. Take a peek at just six of the long list of reasons why Murray is a great place to study. 

The City Hosts Numerous Festivals Annually

If you love the atmosphere of small-town festivals, Murray is definitely the place to be. This city is home to a handful of festivals that take place annually, including the famed Freedom Fest celebration and the Murray Ice Cream Festival that is held every September. 

Murray Is a Safe Place to Live

The total crime risk score for the city of Murray is only 54, which is a whopping 46 points below the average in the United States. Murray also has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire state of Kentucky. Therefore, your time in this modestly sized city is bound to be peaceful and safe so you can focus on achieving your educational goals. According to AreaVibes, Murray’s violent crime rate is 65 percent lower than the nation. 

Murray Is Highly Focused Around College Life

Because Murray is home to one of the largest universities in the state, Murray State University (MSU) with an enrollment count of over 10,000 students, this place could be deemed as a certifiable college town. Much of the population either studies at, graduated from, or works for MSU. Many area activities are focused around or related to students. You can find many options for student living in off-campus housing, student apartments, and more. 

Good Food Is Always Found in Murray

Taking advantage of the local cuisine is usually at the top of the list for travelers who head to Murray since there are so many delectable options locally. From down-home cooking to fine dining, there’s a lot of local food fare to try. Los Portales, Dumplin’s, and Jasmine Thai & Sushi Grill are all good examples of what you can find to enjoy within city limits and none of these restaurants will disappoint. 

Enjoy Low Costs of Living in Murray

Murray is actually a pretty affordable place to live. Much akin to the rest of the state, the city is home to lower housing costs, conservative utility prices, and a generally lower cost of living than a lot of other places. The city of Murray actually has the advantage of lower electric rates than the rest of the state because of the proximity to the state of Tennessee where the city’s electricity is borrowed from. 

Murray Offers Three City Parks

If you like to enjoy the outdoors, Murray has three city parks that cover more than 200 acres in the area. Batting cages, skate parks, baseball fields, and nature walking trails are all available to enjoy for free. There is an outdoor amphitheater, a dog park, and even an 18-hole disc golf course that is new to the area. 

Murray is an excellent place to live for a lot of reasons. The city exudes the charm of a small Kentucky town, is home to a highly praised university, and is also home to a welcoming population of people. When you are working to complete your educational goals, a place like Murray makes it easy to feel right at home. 

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